System Requirements

  1. Browser compatible with Java
  2. Java Runtime Environment [Homepage]

    The installation of Java Runtime Environment from Oracle is required to executing of applications:

    • Search
    • Update
    • Table Management
    • User and Groups
    • Flexible Data Analysis (FleDA)

  3. Check the cache properties

    Configure the cache property, so that on repeated generation of a table the new version gets displayed, and not the old one out of the cache.

    • MS Internet Explorer
      Go to the menu bar, select "Tools/Internet Options", select tab "General" and click on "Setting". There select for "Check for newer versions of stored pages:" the option "Every time I visit the webpage"".
    • Mozilla Firefox
      Go to the menu bar "Setting" and select under "Erweitert" the tab "Network". Activate for "Zwischengespeicherte Webinhalte" the option "Automatisches Cache-Management ausschalten" and limit the cache to 0 .