System Requirements

  1. Recommended browsers
  2. Webstart-ICE-Tools:

    The following ICE-Tools are based on the Java WebStart Technology:

    • Flexible Data Analysis (FleDA)
    • Search
    • Update
    • Table Management
    • User and Groups

    To run these tools, we recommend you to use OpenWebStart of the Karakun AG (Open-Source) as a working environment. [Download]

    Use interactive installer for the single client machine. Otherwise, if your company has an IT department of their own, it is recommended to make use of an unattended installation to roll out OpenWebStart on multiple client machines. [Installation]

    Alternatively, Oracle Java Runtime Environment (JRE) up to Version 8 can also be used to run the ICE-Tools. Please note, that the later Oracle JRE versions (from 10 on) do not support Webstart functionality anymore. [Download]